Candy Cane Marble

Celebrate the holidays with this amazing candy cane marble recipe!  It only calls for 3 simple ingredients and you will be enjoying this wonderful treat.

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Double Chocolate Banana Muffins

Double Chocolate Banana MuffinsIn this video, we give you a recipe to make your very own gooey double-chocolate banana muffins.  This chocolate banana muffin recipe is super easy to follow and even better to eat!

Learn how to make yummy double chocolate banana muffins. Printer friendly recipe card included.

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Chocolate Covered Nuts

Chocolate Covered NutsPerhaps one of the best combos of ingredients for a mouth-watering dessert is chocolate and nuts. So, this video simply shows you that by making chocolate covered Brazil nuts.

Learn how to make wonderful chocolate covered nuts. Printer friendly recipe card included.
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Chocolate Chip Cookie Squares

Chocolate Chip Cookie SquaresTired of Chocolate chip cookies (as if) and looking for something new? Well here they are – a cross between cookies and squares with a chocolate glaze.

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Chocolate Brownies

Chocolate BrowniesHome-made brownies are a snap with this easy and oh so good recipe!  Just a few simple steps and you and your friends will be in chocolate heaven with these chewy and gooey brownie recipe.

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Party Parfaits

As Donkey would tell Shrek, everybody likes parfait!  This delicious party parfait recipe will make you a hero in your household!  Bring the family together with this super decadent creamy parfait recipe. (more…) «Party Parfaits»” class=”more-link”>Read more» Party Parfaits»

Chocolate Giant Warts

A great way to get creative with the Halloween candy haul after trick or treating or for a great handout at your party.  Remember not to give trick or treaters homemade candies, most parents will throw it away. (more…) «Chocolate Giant Warts»” class=”more-link”>Read more» Chocolate Giant Warts»

Fruity Ghosts on a Stick

It just turns out that pears are just the right shape for making spooky ghost treats!  These are an interesting alternative to the traditional candy apples.  (more…) «Fruity Ghosts on a Stick»” class=”more-link”>Read more» Fruity Ghosts on a Stick»

Walking Into Spider Webs Brownies

You are going to love making these special Halloween chocolate brownies!  This brownie recipe is perfect for the spooky occasion.  Just a few simple steps and you’ll be enjoying the best brownies ever! (more…) «Walking Into Spider Webs Brownies»” class=”more-link”>Read more» Walking Into Spider Webs Brownies»

Dublin Chocolate Mint Milk

You will have the Irish spirit with this delicious Dublin chocolate mint milk recipe!  To crush the cookies place those in a freezer bag that seals tight.  Use the bottom of glass to crush the cookies as small as you like.  Regular chocolate sandwich cookies can be used in place of the mint cookies. (more…) «Dublin Chocolate Mint Milk»” class=”more-link”>Read more» Dublin Chocolate Mint Milk»

Ireland’s Pudding Cake

This pudding cake recipe will be the talk of the town!  If you cake mix already has pudding in it cut your water amount down to 3/4 of a cup.  Save time on chopping that chocolate by using 1 1/2 C of semi sweet chocolate chunks. (more…) «Ireland’s Pudding Cake»” class=”more-link”>Read more» Ireland’s Pudding Cake»

Lucky Cookie Pops

There are many variations to this cookie pop.  Make four leaf clovers by cutting green gum drops in half and positioning them into a leaf form on the chocolate.

Pot O’ Gold can be made by cutting a yellow Dot candy in half and placing it on the chocolate before it sets.  Place 3 yellow Nerds above the gold pot to represent the gold coins in the pot.  Leprechauns can also be made with these little wonders.  Use a yellow gumdrop cut in half to make the beard.  Add chocolate sprinkles to the top for the Leprechauns hair and attach a half of green gum drop to the very top before the chocolate firms for his hat. (more…) «Lucky Cookie Pops»” class=”more-link”>Read more» Lucky Cookie Pops»

Frosty Chocolate Cookie Shamrocks

Your family is going to love this frosty chocolate cookie shamrock recipe!  These super fun cookies are easy to make and the little ones will have a blast making them too.  Enjoy this delicious cookie recipe today! (more…) «Frosty Chocolate Cookie Shamrocks»” class=”more-link”>Read more» Frosty Chocolate Cookie Shamrocks»

Frosty Easter Caterpillar

This caterpillar can be made as long as you like by adding more scoops of sherbet.  It’s so easy to make why not make a couple.  Use any type of sherbet in any order you prefer.

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Easter Egg Peanut Butter Cookies

Wafers are round flat disks of confectionery coating that are available in different flavors and colors.  They can be found in the baking section of many supermarkets or party stores.  If you can not find wafers white chocolate coating can be used and colored with food coloring.  Follow the directions on the coating package for melting and coloring.  These Easter egg peanut butter cookies are super fun to make!

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Mr. Rabbit’s Best Carrot Cake

This is such a fun cake to make and simple too.  Be sure your bunny cake mold is a side view mold.  If you have a full view mold just double the amount of pink icing and use 2 chocolate covered peanuts for the eyes.

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Sweet and Salty Pirate Caramel Apples

Nothing can say Happy Halloween more then caramel apples!  You will be the talk of the town when you try this delicious caramel apple recipe.  Kids will come back again and again to get a bite of these wonderful caramel apples.

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Rocky Horror Picture Show Halloween Squares

This is a nice adaptive recipe, if someone has an allergy to peanut use another nut, or mix in some candy pieces or dry cereal.  You can even add other things in addition to what’s listed here!  Make it colorful and fun.

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Banana Split Shortcake

If Dad has a sweet tooth this dessert will hit the spot.  Nuts, pineapple topping, hot fudge topping or any of Dad’s favorites can be used in this dessert.

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We Love You Dad Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Dad’s special morning will get off to a great start with a stack of these double chocolate chip pancakes.  If Dad’s a chocolate lover these are sure to please and are guaranteed to fill him up.  Add a side of sausage or bacon and a glass of juice.

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