Sweet and Salty Pirate Caramel Apples

Nothing can say Happy Halloween more then caramel apples!  You will be the talk of the town when you try this delicious caramel apple recipe.  Kids will come back again and again to get a bite of these wonderful caramel apples.

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How to Make Homemade Caramel Sauce

Caramel SauceIn this lovely video, created by food.about, she takes you through the simple steps showing how to make a homemade caramel sauce.  Just a few simple ingredients like sugar, butter and water are all that is needed for this delicious caramel recipe!

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Nutty Caramel Nougats

You are going to love this nutty caramel nougat recipe!  If nuts are not at the top of your list these also taste great using chopped dried fruit.  Dried apricots, cherries or even raisins work well and better yet taste great.

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Chocolate Nut Caramels

Chocolate Nut CaramelsSugar, glucose, cream, butter, baker’s chocolate, nuts and vanilla is all that you need to make this chocolate nut caramel recipe.  These caramels make a great gift for birthdays or around the holidays.

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Mrs. Lincoln’s Chocolate Caramels

This is one of the best and easiest chocolate caramel recipes to make!  Just 5 simple ingredients make up this ridiculously good caramel recipe.

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Sugar Chocolate Caramels

4 simple ingredients is all it takes to make this sugar chocolate caramel recipe.  Mix correctly and you will be enjoying this recipe in no time at all.

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Plain Chocolate Caramels

Plain Chocolate CaramelsEnjoy this delicious plain chocolate caramel recipe.  These caramels will melt in your mouth and tickle your taste buds!

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Cream Chocolate Caramels

Chocolate caramels melt in your mouth!  Get ready to make your first cream chocolate caramel.

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