Ginger and Spice Truffles

Ginger Spice TrufflesThese truffles can be rolled in powdered sugar or even finely crushed gingersnap cookies for a little different treat.

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Coconut Walnut Drops

Coconut Walnut DropsThese treats are very simple to make.  This candy is an excellent candy for the kids to help make and eat.

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Melt in Your Mouth Marshmallow Drops

Marshmallows taste good in hot chocolate but even better in this melt in your mouth marshmallow drop recipe!  You will have a hole new appreciation for this tasty snack after you try this recipe.

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Chocolate Butter Creams

Chocolate Butter CreamsNo holiday would be complete without this chocolate butter cream recipe.  This recipe is easy to duplicate and even easier to enjoy!

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Pistachio Chocolate Creams

Rose and Pistachio CreamsFondant, green color-paste, vanilla extract, almond extract, pistachio nuts and baker’s chocolate are all that is needed for this rich and creamy pistachio chocolate creams recipe.

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Almond Chocolate Creams

Almond Cherry ChocolatesThis almond chocolate cream recipe is delicious!  Yummy creams will satisfy any chocolate lover’s cravings.

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Walnut Cream Chocolates

Walnut Cream ChocolatesYou will be the talk of the town with this walnut cream chocolate recipe!  Sugar, milk, water, caramel syrup, vanilla and baker’s chocolate is all that is needed to complete this recipe.

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Cherry Chocolate Creams

You will be amazed at this cherry chocolate cream recipe!  This recipe is perfect for any special occasion with loved ones.

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