Chocolate Covered Nuts

Chocolate Covered NutsPerhaps one of the best combos of ingredients for a mouth-watering dessert is chocolate and nuts. So, this video simply shows you that by making chocolate covered Brazil nuts.

Learn how to make wonderful chocolate covered nuts. Printer friendly recipe card included.
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Fruity Ghosts on a Stick

It just turns out that pears are just the right shape for making spooky ghost treats!  These are an interesting alternative to the traditional candy apples.  (more…) «Fruity Ghosts on a Stick»” class=”more-link”>Read more» Fruity Ghosts on a Stick»

Lucky Cookie Pops

There are many variations to this cookie pop.  Make four leaf clovers by cutting green gum drops in half and positioning them into a leaf form on the chocolate.

Pot O’ Gold can be made by cutting a yellow Dot candy in half and placing it on the chocolate before it sets.  Place 3 yellow Nerds above the gold pot to represent the gold coins in the pot.  Leprechauns can also be made with these little wonders.  Use a yellow gumdrop cut in half to make the beard.  Add chocolate sprinkles to the top for the Leprechauns hair and attach a half of green gum drop to the very top before the chocolate firms for his hat. (more…) «Lucky Cookie Pops»” class=”more-link”>Read more» Lucky Cookie Pops»

Sweet and Salty Pirate Caramel Apples

Nothing can say Happy Halloween more then caramel apples!  You will be the talk of the town when you try this delicious caramel apple recipe.  Kids will come back again and again to get a bite of these wonderful caramel apples.

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Christmas Angel Wands

These Christmas wands are a little naughty and a little nice.  Give them as gifts.  Tie the sticks all together with a Christmas ribbon and place them in a Christmas bag.

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Stuffed Dates, Chocolate Dipped

Stuffed DatesThis stuffed dates with chocolate recipe is super easy to make.  Just stuff the dates with desired ingredients and then dip them in chocolate.

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Plain and Chocolate Dipped Parisian Sweets

Chocolate Dipped Parisian SweetsThis decadent chocolate dipped Parisian sweets recipe will knock your socks off!  This recipe is perfect for special occasions or holidays.

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