National Crème-Filled Chocolates Day

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Holiday Name: National Crème-Filled Chocolates Day
Holiday Celebration: February 14

Cream-filled chocolates can be made two ways. The first way is to make ganache and fondant, roll it into a ball and then dip the fondant into chocolate. Another way is to use a mold and put melted chocolate in the mold. Chocolate in molds are cooled by freezing. The molds are then filled with a cream filling and chocolate poured over the candy. Once the candy has cooled, it can be taken out of the mold.

The chocolates can be filled with a number of flavors. Some of them are coffee, maple, mint, raspberry, strawberry, orange, lemon, vanilla, maraschino, rum, chocolate and coconut.  Try them all on this National Crème-Filled Chocolates Day!

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