Almond Malted Toffee

Almond Malted Toffee makes a great gift for any occasion!  From young to old, this recipe will be a home run for everybody.

Almond Malted Toffee
Recipe type: Dessert
Serves: 2 Pounds
Almond Malted Toffee makes a great gift for any occasion!
  • 1 C almonds, coarsely chopped
  • ¾ C semisweet chocolate chips
  • ¾ C milk chocolate chips
  • ⅓ C white chocolate chips
  • 2 T instant malted milk powder
  • 2 sticks butter
  • 1 C sugar
  • 3 T water
  1. Line a large baking pan with foil making sure it extends over the sides of the pan.
  2. Place the almonds into a large mixing bowl.
  3. Add all 3 types of chocolate pieces and toss to combine.
  4. Sprinkle half of the mixture into the bottom of the prepared pan.
  5. Cover the top of the mixture with the malted milk powder.
  6. Place the butter in a heavy saucepan over medium heat.
  7. Add the sugar and the water.
  8. Stirring continuously bring the mixture to a steady boil.
  9. Continue stirring until all the sugar has dissolved.
  10. Once the sugar has dissolved cook the mixture for 15 minutes or until a candy thermometer reaches 290 degrees, being sure to stir often.
  11. Remove the pan from the heat and quickly pour the mixture over the top of the nut and chocolate mixture.
  12. Sprinkle the remaining nut chocolate mixture over the top.
  13. Refrigerate 30 minutes or until firm.
  14. Break into pieces before storing.
Anytime you are cooking sugar and water to make a toffee mixture you should always try to maintain a steady boil. If the mixture begins to boil more or less adjust the heat until you reach the desired boiling stage.


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